Joining the Blogosphere

I had blogged previously under a different name, but let the blog die out after just a couple months. It was narrowly focused – a big mistake. This blog is much more broad – even I don’t know what I’ll talk about! It’s a safe bet it will include kayaking, books, politics and school.

I am addicted to whitewater kayaking. It’s a huge rush, a great workout, and gets me out in nature. I’d recommend it for anyone. I’m nowhere near an expert, I’ve only been kayaking for one season. Once the weather gets a little warmer, I hope to get out on the water again! I’m waiting for temperatures in the 60’s – my roll is still weak enough that I have decent odds of swimming if I flip. I’d rather avoid hypothermia if that does happen.

Politically, I am absolutely disgusted with both parties, and the party system. I hate that both our present and our last president seemed to be representing their parties instead of the people of this country. I want the party system completely destroyed and every individual to run on their own merit – no matter what letter is next to their name. I support an effective government that provides the greatest freedom possible for all of us. Our current government is great at one thing – spending money. It spends very little time analyzing whether it is spending the money well. The recent stimulus bill is the ultimate example of that. Over 1000 pages of text, and not one member of Congress read the entirety before voting on it.

I am in my fourth year of college – and essentially a freshman. I spent my first three years of school studying computer science. I had a high-paying job at a large tech company, but it had a condition that if I changed majors, I would lose my job. So I put up with the boredom of my classes and work for money. Last semester, I finally admitted that it wasn’t going to get any better. I am now pursuing a degree in nursing. I love working with people – a statement that would shock those who knew me in high school. This field will let me grow as a person and mean I’m not staring at a monitor eight hours a day. I’m almost a year in to my new degree, and loving it!

I hope you enjoy my blog. I welcome any comments on any topic. My moderation policy is very loose. If it isn’t blatant spam or outright trolling, it won’t be deleted.


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