Webcomics Galore!

I was introduced to a new webcomic today, courtesy of LabRat. Digger is a very well-illustrated and creative webcomic, with a unique protagonist. The webcomic’s star is an anthropomorphic wombat, Digger,  who got lost while tunneling and ended up in matters far beyond her control. She is a very level-headed individual (as are most wombats), who goes to great lengths to avoid meddling in others affairs. Unfortunately, the world won’t let her get away with that, and she keeps getting sucked in to the affairs of the gods. Go check it out!

Another webcomic of which I am a long-time reader is Sluggy Freelance. Pete Abrams has been releasing a comic almost every day since 1997. The comic started out very roughly sketched, and focused on immediate laughs (Anyone up for a game of bikini-suicide-frisbee?), but as the author’s art has evolved, so has the storyline. Now, the comic tends toward broad, sweeping storylines – some of which deal with very serious topics. I’d really recommend checking it out, but you’ll need to start at the beginning!

Last, but far from least, is one that is not a webcomic per se. But it’s available online, so close enough! Frazz reminds me quite a bit of Calvin and Hobbes. The main character, Frazz, is an elementary school janitor who writes award-winning pop music on the side. He serves as both advisor and instigator for the children of the school. Especially my favorite character, Caulfield, who epitomizes the bored underachiever.

If you’re looking for a good way to kill a few minutes or a few hours, check out one of these comics!


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