Back from Alabama

I spend the past five days visiting my grandparents in Alabama. My sister and I flew down, leaving our spouses in Idaho. My grandmother is developing dementia, so we decided to keep the number of faces around to a minimum. She still remembers all the relationships, knows our names and that we’re married. She has a very tough time recalling words, and is starting to have problems with basic tasks like using the TV remote or the phone. She is also extremely anxious much of the time. If we’re going to go do something, she wants us to just go and do it right now. Grandmom also hates any time away from her husband.

We also had the opportunity to visit the beach – we even got an hour of sunshine while we were there. Storms the rest of the week. I’ve only been back in Idaho for a day, but I really miss the humidity!

I spent most of my free time with my head stuck in a book. 8 down for this week. My sister also talked me into reading the Twilight series. I found that I just cannot stand the main character (Bella) for the first three books. In the fourth, she becomes tolerable. The writing in the series also improves substantially, which is understandable with Twilight being the author’s first novel.

The flights were decent, although most flights were delayed by about 30 minutes. Of course, those 30 minutes are spent sitting on the plane rather than in the terminal. They don’t want to let us walk around any more than they have to.

I still have several half-completed posts just waiting for me to wrap them up. Hope to get them up this week.


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