March 20, 2009

It’s that time once again – midterms!

I have exams in both Psychology 101 and Anatomy and Physiology tomorrow. Lots of studying tonight and tomorrow morning.

A&P is going well – I’ve gotten an A on every exam to date. I’m hoping to continue that streak for this exam and the lab exam immediately after spring break. Psych isn’t going as well. A’s and B’s on the exams, but I can’t get above a low B on the other assignments! Our professor started out the semester saying there was no required length for the assignments. They could be as short as a few sentences. Apparently that was utter BS. The feedback on every assignment to date has requested that I write more. I hate when professors won’t give you their true expectations.

The quality of the assignments has also been very disappointing. We take a moderately long survey, get told what it “means about us,” and write what we learned from it in a nutshell. If these surveys are representative of current psychological surveys, I’ve learned I shouldn’t trust any psych studies!

Time to hit the books again, I have a couple posts half-written that I hope to finish up this weekend – after exams.